Makes 3-4 Servings

½ lb 18-24 count shrimp (washed and deveined)

2 garlic cloves – minced

Salt and freshly ground pepper

1 tb olive oil


Prep time: 10 minutes  |  Cook time: 2-4 minutes

Light and perfect.  This is one of the easiest ways to prepare shrimp.

Prepare grill for direct high heat which is between 450° to 500°F. Presoak bamboo skewers. Clean, wash and pat dry shrimp. Place medium sized bowl, sprinkle with ½ tspn salt, ¼ tspn pepper, and the minced garlic. Sprinkle with the olive oil and let stand for 15 minutes. Set onto the bamboo skewers and grill on direct high heat for 2-4 minutes turning only once.

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