Kat Portnaya

Kat Portnaya

Owner and Founder

I am a wife, a mother, an owner of a car service company, and I love to cook and garden.

Being a busy mom I have tried lots of different approaches and recipes. This is a compilation of my trusty go-to recipes. Some are more involved than others but I hope that it will help anyone out there that is limited on time and wants to not only entertain but also have the ability to have great food at home.  This collection contains Russian recipes as well as European dessert recipes, recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, gluten-free recipes, and much more…

For best-tasting dishes homegrown produce, I believe, is the best. You know exactly what went into each vegetable. So if you want to start growing your own produce, or are just curious, stop by the new Gardening section. I have 15 years of experience growing various fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the New England climate, and I will be happy to share some of my findings.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy and this site helps make your day in the kitchen just a little easier.

Good luck and Happy Cooking!

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