Every day around noon we start wondering what to make for dinner, looking online for recipes, wondering which ingredients we have at home and which we need to buy. Kids want mac and cheese, your partner is in the mood for a quick and easy Russian meal (who doesn’t love meat and potatoes?) and you want something healthy and delicious that’s easy to make.  Over the years I have come up with a number of unbeatable combinations that would satisfy even the pickiest eaters. These easy European and Russian menu ideas are meant to take the hassle out of your day, and provide you with solutions that really work – whether you have a small family dinner, or a brunch with friends.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Kids are always hungry. Notably, even the 35 years old kids love Nutella. So here are some recipes that will make your little ones run to the table with joy:

Nutella Crepes with Caramelized Banana
Grilled Ham and Cheese

Sunday Brunch

As far as I’m concerned you can add kielbasa to anything and make it better. Especially if it’s already an asparagus frittata. So go ahead, put an Eastern European twist on your brunch menu. Add some nice Cotes due Rhone 2015 Rosé, and several friends that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside – and you have it. A recipe for a perfect Sunday.

Frittata with Asparagus and Kielbasa
Sautéed Potatoes
Radish Salad
Baked Pears in Wine

Weekday Family Dinner

Rough day at work? Start your dinner with an appetizer of assorted cheeses, and a glass of Bogle Merlot (2014). Follow the rest of the dinner menu below. Quick, easy and gets you mentally ready to check that math homework.

Assorted Cheeses
Lemon Roast Chicken
Asparagus, Egg and Croutons Salad
Apple Crisp

Special Occasion

The spring birds are chirping, the ice is melting and you want to put a little extra effort into making a perfect dinner menu for that perfect special someone? Not so fast. Even though these recipes will make an exclusive restaurant-quality dinner your other half will totally love, the amount of effort you need to put in is rather ordinary. Enjoy!

Baked Brie
Apricot Glazed Lamb
Roasted Asparagus
Chocolate Orange Cake

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