2-3 potatoes
2 tb olive oil
1 tb butter (optional)
½ txpn kosher salt
Parsley (optional)


Prep time: 10 minutes  |  Cook time: 15 minutes

Seriously the easiest dish one could think of.  I have tried numerous ways to make these potatoes for the past 15 years (and I have failed too many times to count). The trick is not timing but the skillet that you are using. A good non-stick skillet and turning the potatoes often is the key. You want a lovely golden crisp. Do not salt until 30 seconds before the potatoes are ready. This will give you a nice crisp outside and a perfectly cooked potato.

Dice or slice the potatoes. In a 10-inch skillet heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and optional butter if using, over medium low heat. Brown the potatoes for 10-15 minutes stirring or flipping often. Sprinkle with salt right before taking off heat. Sprinkle with optional parsley or serve immediately.

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