Family Favorites

No Knead Bread

There is nothing like a warm loaf coming out of the oven. As it starts baking, the house is permeating with the smell of baking bread. Short of flowers in the house, or a Boeuf Bourguignon this is my most favorite aroma to come home to.

Beef Stew

INGREDIENTS Makes 5-6 Servings 3 lbs. beef cut to 2-inch cubes 1 large yellow onion sliced into semi circles or diced 2 garlic cloves, minced 3 large carrots cut into ½ inch long chunks 1 tb tomato paste 3 cups good light red wine – a Cabernet Sauvignon works 2 cups...

Easiest Salad Ever

INGREDIENTS Makes 3-4 Servings 1 tomato diced 1 cucumber diced 1 tb sour cream 1/2 tspn salt <script async src="//"></script><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><!-- Front page - 2 (mobile,...

Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta

What a wonderful appetizer! Whip up the feta in advance and on the day of your dinner party just slice the bread and prep the tomatoes.

Baked Apples

One of the easiest recipes ever. Top this with ice cream or for a little extra decadence, top with whipped merengue and give it a quick flash under the broiler for a Baked Apples Alaska. Enjoy with a nice dessert wine.

Not Your Store Bought Cranberry Sauce

I can’t stop eating this. Serve it with chicken or with crepes. This is a Cranberry Sauce that we eat all throughout the year.

Asparagus Salad

Boil the eggs in advance and all you’ll need to do is blanch the asparagus, make the croutons and serve. Serve with Roasted Salmon and dinner is ready!

Banana Sour Cream Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas

This recipe is good! Make it in the morning or serve it for dessert, your friends, family and stomach will love you for it.


This is one of our favorite dinner recipes. Serve it with a nice glass of wine and good bread and you are good to go. As I am cooking and dicing everything a certain calm comes over me and for some reason this dish always makes a great ending to my day no matter how challenging.

Kat’s Truffles

First invented out of necessity post World War II. This truffle recipe is a staple in any Russian household during the holidays.

Lemon Orange Trout

This is by far the easiest Trout recipe ever. The lemon and orange give it a perfect flavor to enjoy with a nice glass of Sancerre.

Baked Cod

This is by far one of the easiest recipes I have ever made. Load everything up and let it bake meanwhile you pour yourself a glass of wine.

Tomato Gratin

Absolutely delectable and yet easy dish for dinner or brunch. Serve this tomato gratin with your favorite meat and a nice wine and enjoy.

Easy Chicken Salad

So simple and easy to make! This is a perfect work night dinner. Make any combination you want to make this super healthy dinner.

Hangover Omelette

This omelet is not just for a hangover. Serve it for dinner with a side of salad and a nice crisp white wine. This is one of our favorite go to’s for an easy dinner

Banana Bread

The banana bread to end all banana breads. Serve it with some Sweetened Condensed Milk and you will not regret it. This loaf doesn’t last a day in our house.

Coconut Macaroons

These macaroons are easy, fast to make, and delicious. They are by far the most popular out of all the desserts that I have made. Enjoy!

Chicken Cakes

This is my mother’s go to recipe. Quick, easy and oh so delicious. Makes a great lunch, brunch or dinner. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy!

Kat’s Boeuf Bourguignon

First tried from the Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking – this is my version. Serve it with potatoes, butter noodles, pasta or even rice.

Superbowl Pork Stew

This is a perfect meal for a lazy Sunday. Brown everything, throw it in the oven, grab a glass of wine and enjoy your afternoon.

Torte à la Russe

This Torte is delicious. Did I mention super easy to make? Makes 1 8.5 inch Torte. For some extra decadence, top with the Triple Berry Sauce in this recipe.

Salad d’Olivier

Salad Olivier is a Russian staple at any celebration table. There are different variations, yet all are the same delectable result!

Crème Puffs

This recipe may be done a day in advance to have the crème puffs filled on the second day. It is impossible in our home not to eat all of these right away.

Mini Pear Pies

The most scrumptious pear pies! Delicately poached and then wrapped with puff pastry and baked. The key to this pastry is making sure that you let the pears cool to just about room temperature before wrapping it in the pastry. The pears can be poached about a day in advance prior to baking.

Apricot Glazed Lamb

If you want lamb decadence this is your recipe. Easy to make, quick to grill and absolutely delicious. This recipe serves 4.

Kat’s Russian Borsht

I prefer this soup very thick, meaning full of loads of meat and vegetables so that it is a meal on its own. You are welcome to reduce the ingredients or add more liquid. There are about as many variations to this soup as there are cooks. Every cook has their own version, this is mine. I prefer the meaty bouillon but I do not add soup bones because I find that it makes the soup entirely too heavy, especially with all that meat.

Rappée Morvandelle

This is a classic recipe that is by far one of my favorites. It makes a great lunch. Serve it with chicken soup, garnished with tomatoes and sour cream.

Berry Galette

A galette is free form, flat and open faced tart. The sky is the limit with a galette. I love to use peaches or any stone fruit, berries, or any fruit.

Pineapple Cherry Tart

Tart pineapple gives a lovely combination to the sweet cherries. Make sure to taste the cherries to give you an idea of the overall flavor.

Sausage and Asparagus Rapée Morvandelle

I love Rappée Morvandelle no matter how hard it is to pronounce. This is a different take on the original but we still loved it and hope you will too. Make it the night before and just reheat for breakfast for a quick and easy meal.

Merengue Fruit Tarts

We absolutely love these in our home. Light, airy and so delicious. The sauce and the berries makes a perfect combination.

Merengue Rosettes

Oh my gosh! These are so pretty and delicious. Did I mention super easy to make?! Makes 8 rosettes. Perfect for Mother’s Day or any celebration

Tips for Baking

Have you ever dreaded trying out a new recipe because you knew it would be stressful? Maybe I am the only one that did that, but it took me a long time before I could stop stressing out and started enjoying the different recipes. When it comes to cooking or baking if you know some of the pre-requisites it becomes much easier. Here are a few:

Baked Brie

Hot brie with honey and caramelized walnuts make this one of the easiest and most delicious recipes we can think of. Serve it at your next dinner party.

Apple Crisp

This year was a very good year for our apple trees. Naturally, we have been incorporating them into our every day dishes. The type of apple is really not consequential. It all depends on taste and preference. The key is to get a sort that will hold its shape. I love Golden Delicious and I will often mix them with other varieties. This is a very easy dessert. The recipe calls for 6 ramekins to make individual desserts, but feel free to do the same in an 8”X8” baking dish.

Easy Apple Tart

Ridiculously easy to make apple tart. Roll out the dough, lay out the apples, bake and you’re done. Grab a good cup of tea and enjoy.

Berry Dessert Cups

10 minutes to prep and 1 hour to bake. Prep them ahead of time and throw them in the oven as the guests arrive. These are delicious!

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