Radishes are a hardy, cool-season vegetable that can produce many crops each season due to its rapid days to maturity. Radishes can be planted in both the spring and the fall, but growing should be suspended in the warmer months. They are one of the easiest vegetables you could possibly grow.  Tuck them in, in between plantings, before plantings, and just because.  In the heat of the summer plant them in a  cool shady spot and give them lots of water.  Here are some more tips.

Where to plant – Radishes will grow in any moist and fertile soil.  Do not plant on spots freshly manured.  Summer plant in partial shade and they are a cool weather crop.  Plant in between crops.  For example, plant at the same time as tomatoes.  By the time the tomatoes are growing in full the radishes are ready to be harvested.

How to sow – sow in a honeycomb pattern by first making indentations into the soil no deeper than your first knuckle. Sow by placing one seed into an indentation in the soil.  If good seeds are provided the germination rate is usually close to 100%. Sow directly into the soil as soon as ground has thawed.

Care – water is key for radishes. Water regularly but not to the point of drowning.

Harvesting – do not let the radishes get too big or they will have a woody taste and texture.  Instead harvest them when they are are about the size of a very large grape.  If they look like golf balls, you’ve gone too far.

Recommended  – Cherry Belle, Fluo, Scarlet Globe or Sparkler



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